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Our landscaper trimming a bush on a property in Jeffersontown, KY.

Trimming & Pruning in Louisville, Kentucky & Southern Indiana

Our trimming and pruning services will shape up your plants and keep their health in check.

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We Offer Trimming & Pruning Services to Properties in & Around Louisville, KY & Jeffersonville, IN

Regularly trimming and pruning your plants is important for the health of your plants.

Our landscaper pruning a branch on a property in Fern Creek, KY.

We all know that regularly trimming the growing vegetation on your property can drastically increase your curb appeal, but did you know that regular pruning can save your plants from the spread of disease? The average property owner might not know that trimming and pruning are two different services, yet they are both equally important to the health of your plants. Our experts are licensed and trained to perform both trimming and pruning services for properties in Louisville, Kentucky as well as Indiana areas like Jeffersonville and New Albany.

Trimming VS Pruning

Trimming is the process of cutting back overgrown branches to preserve the appearance of your plants. Trimming allows you to change the shape of your shrubs and trees and cut off any wonky branches that are growing the wrong way. You'd be surprised how much better your whole property can look after simply giving your plants a good haircut!

Many homeowners think that trimming and pruning are the same service, however, they each serve their own purpose. Trimming keeps your plants looking clean and tidy while pruning focuses on cutting off dead or diseased branches. During the pruning process, our crew will take a closer look at each branch on your flowers, shrubs, and trees. If we find any dead or sick branches, we will cut them off immediately. This prevents whatever is harming that branch from spreading throughout the rest of your plant. Pruning will also help flowering shrubs grow back with a fuller bloom the next season.

Will skipping trimming and pruning services harm your plants?

We highly recommend scheduling regular trimming and pruning services. Your plants should be trimmed at least twice a year - once in the spring and another time in the fall to get them ready for winter dormancy. While our crew is trimming, we will keep an eye out for any branches that need to be pruned as well.

So, what happens if you skip trimming and pruning services altogether?

  • Skipping Trimming - Your plants grow faster than you think. Without trimming, your property will begin to look overgrown and disheveled. With regular trimming services, we can keep your landscape looking nice and clean with freshly trimmed shrubs and trees. Trimming also cuts off long branches that are growing in the wrong direction. These branches could be growing towards your home, office building, or even near a power line. It's important to keep these branches in check with regular trimming.
  • Skipping Pruning - It can be hard for the average property owner to know what a diseased branch looks like. With regular pruning services, you can have a professional eye looking at your plants multiple times a year. It is crucial that diseased branches are cut off as soon as they are recognized to prevent any further spread of disease. Skipping your regular pruning service will put your plants' health at risk.

Take Care of Your Plants With Regularly Scheduled Trimming & Pruning Services

A landscape bed of well trimmed bushes on a property in Hurstbourne, KY.

Our crew at Lawn Works goes through continuous training to make sure that we are as knowledgeable as we can be about the health of your plants. You can trust our experience and expertise and rest easy knowing that your flowers, shrubs, and trees are in good hands. We offer our trimming and pruning services to commercial and residential properties located in the Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN areas. Call our office at (812) 590-8864 to schedule with us today!

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