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Leaf Removal Service for Properties in & Around Louisville, KY & Jeffersonville, IN

Our leaf removal service includes two crew visits and leaf disposal.

A pile of leaves during leaf removal on a property in Jeffersonville, IN.

As a kid, fall usually means jumping in leaf piles over and over again. As a property owner, those leaves take on a whole different meaning! Unfortunately, at some point, you have to clean them all up. If you catch yourself contemplating whether it's really worth it to spend your time raking leaves on a Saturday, listen up! When you decide to ignore the heavy blanket of leaves smothering your grass all winter, you are inviting diseases, fungi, and insects to have a field day on your lawn. While it might mean more free time now, it will most definitely mean more time and money down the road.

Luckily, our professional leaf cleanup service is here to save the day. Our crew visits your property twice in one season, ensuring that we have picked up all the leaves and prepared your lawn for winter. We also offer leaf disposal at every visit so it will be like the leaves were never even there! We offer our leaf removal service to homes and businesses in the Louisville, Kentucky area including locations in Indiana like Jeffersonville and New Albany.

We Use a Vacuum Truck to Dispose of Your Leaves

When you hire our team to remove the leaves off of your lawn, we are better than the rest. First, our crew will park our vacuum truck at the end of your property, designating the spot where we will direct your leaves. Then, we will use our backpack blowers to push the leaves where they need to go and create a big pile next to our vacuum truck. Lastly, we use our truck to suck up all of the leaves and, voila, it's like the leaves were never there! You won't ever have to worry about bagging your leaves!

Our Leaf Removal Service Includes Two Separate Crew Visits

You can schedule our leaf removal services as early as October and as late as the end of December. We understand that leaves continue to fall throughout the season, and we would never want our crew to remove every leaf just for more leaves to drop the next day. That is why our removal service includes two crew visits. We usually schedule our first visit before Thanksgiving and our second one sometime in December. This ensures that our clients will never be left scrambling at the end of the year to rake up the extra leaves that fell after our initial visit.

Leaf Removal Will Help Prevent Lawn Mold, Disease & Troublesome Pests

A bag of leaves put aside during a leaf removal on a property in New Albany, IN.

We get it - it's tempting to turn your head the other way and ignore the leaf piles that are covering your lawn. However, doing that will only cause more headaches and money in the springtime when you realize the negative effects that wet, smothered grass can have. Hire our professional leaf removal service to:

  • Promote healthy grass. When your grass has access to fresh air, it has a much better chance of receiving the nutrients it needs to survive the cold winter weather.
  • Prevent disease, mold, and fungus. Damp, rotting leaves are not good news. Trapped moisture creates the perfect environment for grass health issues.
  • Prevent pest infestations. Leaf piles provide a nice, warm home for a lot of pests like spiders and rodents.

Take Back Your Free Time with Our Leaf Removal Service. Schedule leaf removal today.

Raking leaves is time-consuming and physically strenuous. Instead of filling your 20th bag of leaves this Saturday, why not call in the professionals to take care of it for you? We offer our leaf removal service to properties located in and around Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN. If your home or business is nearby, call our office at (812) 590-8864 to schedule!

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