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Overseeding Service in Louisville, Kentucky & Southern Indiana

Fill in your patchy lawn with thick, lush grass by scheduling our overseeding service today.

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Overseeding Service for Properties in & Around Louisville, KY & Jeffersonville, IN

Our overseeding service includes a starter-fertilizer application to give your new seeds a head-start.

Pile of grass seeds in Fern Creek, KY.

There could be a number of reasons why your grass is looking a little patchy. Diseases, heavy foot traffic, and pet urine are all contributors to a patchy lawn. No matter the cause, though, our overseeding service will help fill in those bare spots with lush, thick grass.

We overseed directly after aeration in the fall season to give your new seeds the greatest chance at germinating. After we lay your seeds, our crew will also administer a starter-fertilizer treatment for the best results possible. We offer this service to homes and businesses located in the Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN areas.

Why should you overseed your lawn?

If you notice that there are some bare spots in your lawn that just aren't responding to your watering schedule, it might be time to try overseeding. There are many reasons why your lawn is beginning to look patchy; it's important to contact a professional team like ours so we can identify the problem and fix the root of the issue. After the issue has been resolved, overseeding is always a great solution to cure any patchy lawn.

Underlying reasons why your lawn might be patchy:

  • Disease - Common lawn diseases in our area include brown patch and summer patch. A big sign of these diseases is bare spots throughout your lawn. Before you do anything else, always contact a professional to identify and cure the disease so that you are fixing the problem instead of just putting a bandaid on it. Once the disease has been cured, you should then schedule an overseeding service to fill in those bare spots.
  • Heavy foot traffic - Outdoor parties are fun! Heavy foot traffic is not. If friends and family are continuously walking over certain spots on your grass, chances are the stress of the pressure will create some areas of empty grass.
  • Pet urine - It's common for dogs to use the same spot on your lawn to urinate over and over again. However, dog urine has nitrogen in it. Although nitrogen is an essential nutrient of grass, too much of it will "burn" the grass and leave an empty spot.

When is the most ideal time to overseed your lawn?

Our landscaper hand pouring seeds on a property in Hurstbourne, KY.

Most lawns throughout our area have cool-season grass types. This means that our lawns are at their strongest when the soil temperature stays around 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to overseed when the soil temperature is ideal instead of planting seeds when your current grass is already struggling to survive. Although both spring and fall provide these ideal soil temperatures, our company offers overseeding in the fall to yield the best results. This will protect the new seeds from harmful summertime weeds and hot weather.

Another way that our company ensures the success of your new seeds is by aerating before we overseed. Aeration will create many tiny holes throughout your lawn, offering direct access to the ideal germination spot, deep in your soil. Spreading new seeds after these holes have been created drastically increases the chances of germination and growth.

We include a starter-fertilizer application with every overseeding service to give your new seeds a boost.

Our overseeding service will give you the lush, thick lawn you've always wanted.

Patchy lawns can be frustrating, especially if you don't know the cause. Hiring a professional team like ours means that you will not only get answers to diagnose the problem, but you will also get solutions that will give your lawn long-term success. Overseeding is the best way to fill in your patchy lawn after the root of the problem has been solved. If your home or business is located in Louisville, KY, Jeffersonville, IN, or a nearby area, give our office a call at (812) 590-8864 to schedule your overseeding service.

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