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Landscape Installation & Planting Service in Louisville, Kentucky & Southern Indiana

Our crew installs landscape beds full of colorful flowers and shrubs.

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Landscape Installation & Planting Services in & Around Louisville, KY & Jeffersonville, IN

Transform your property with our landscape installation and planting services.

Landscaping in front of a Charlestown, IN home with well maintained trees and bushes.

Looking to rejuvenate your overgrown vegetation and messy landscape beds? Our landscape installation and planting crew can help. It's common to think that a landscape makeover has to be filled with grandiose hardscapes like a new outdoor kitchen, patio, and fireplace. However, it's possible to transform your property by just focusing on your landscape beds!

You'd be surprised how quickly overgrown vegetation can make an entire property look messy. That's why our first step to landscape installation and planting is the cleanup process. We trim and prune your existing, healthy plants and extract the dead ones. After your property is all cleaned up, our crew can then install new landscape beds full of beautiful flowers and shrubs. Not sure which plants to choose from? No problem! Our experienced team will help you decide which ones will look best and thrive effortlessly on your property.

We offer our landscape installation and planting services to homes and businesses in the Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN areas.

Our Landscape Installation & Planting Process

Our process starts back at the very beginning of our clients' first phone call to us. We discover the goal of the landscape renovation and talk about colors, types of plants, locations of flower beds, soil conditions, and more. Once our crew arrives on the property, we assess the vegetation and determine what plants can stay and which ones need to be removed. Then, our installation crew can get to work.

  • Cleanup - Before anything gets installed, we need a clean slate. Our crew cleans up the areas that the new landscape beds are going to be installed by trimming and pruning the existing vegetation, pulling any dead plants, and pulling any grass or weeds in the area. If there is an old landscape bed, we can either work with it and refresh it or start completely new by removing it.
  • Landscape Bed Installation - After the ground is prepped, we can begin laying down the landscape bed. We will spread a layer of topsoil, clean up the edges around the perimeter of the bed, and space out where every flower and shrub will be planted. Next, we can finally add some color!
  • Planting - We install any plants that you want, always taking into consideration the balance of colors and sizes of the plants when spacing everything out.
  • Mulch or Rock - To wrap up the landscape bed installation, we always top it off with or mulch or rocks. This helps prevent future problems such as soil erosion and weeds.

Not sure what plants to choose? We can help.

Neat landscaping and plantings in front of a home in Clarksville, IN.

There are so many things to consider when choosing the right plants for your landscape beds. From spacing to plant height to colors to growing conditions, it can be a little overwhelming. Do you go with all perennials, or leave room for plenty of annuals? That's why our experts will help you through this decision process! We know exactly what plants will thrive on your individual property based on important factors such as your soil condition and access to sunlight.

Popular plants in our area include:

  • Boxwood
  • Golden Moss
  • Pencil Holly
  • Arborvitae

Hire our award-winning landscape installation and plantings services.

If you are ready to transform your landscape beds and add some more color and interest to your property, give our office a call at (812) 590-8864. We offer landscape installation and plantings to the Louisville, KY area including locations in Indiana such as Jeffersonville and New Albany. Hire our team and let us show you why we won the News & Tribune's 2020 Best Lawn Care Company in Southern Indiana!

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