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Holiday lighting installed around perimeter of home in Louisville, KY.

Holiday Lighting in Louisville, Kentucky & Southern Indiana

Illuminate your property and spread holiday cheer with our holiday lighting services.

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Holiday Lighting Services in Louisville, Jeffersonville, New Albany, IN & Nearby Cities

Our team can put up holiday lights on your property as early as October and take them down by the end of January.

The holiday season can be hectic, making it a challenge to tick every box on your holiday checklist. We can help you achieve one task on your list to save you time and energy - hanging holiday lights! It's a back-breaking job, not to mention you have to stay out in the cold to install them. Putting up decorative holiday lights takes proper planning and execution to ensure you'll get a sparkly display of colors when Christmas comes.

Our crew at Lawn Works can design and put up holiday lights at homes and businesses in Louisville, Jeffersonville, New Albany, IN and surrounding areas. We can install the lights as early as October and take them down by the end of January so you can enjoy their breathtaking sparkle all season long! We use durable commercial-grade lighting that can withstand the cold weather and produce brighter colors. As part of our light lease program, we will install, remove, and store your lights until the following year. Should any issue arise with your lights, our team will return to your property within 24 hours to fix it. Call (812) 590-8864 today to schedule our holiday lighting services!

When do we start installing holiday lights?

Holiday lights hung around landscaping in Louisville, KY.

As much fun as the holiday season is, the days and weeks leading up to it can be stressful. Installing holiday lights can be difficult and time-consuming, so you can count on our team to do that for you. We will install holiday lights on your property as early as October and take them down by the end of January.

Whether you want to start early on your lighting decorations or you want to build up suspense on how stunning your property will be, you can easily schedule our services and expect that we will meet or surpass your expectations. Having our pros install your holiday lights lets you focus on other important things while ensuring you get custom lights that fit your property perfectly.

What comes with our holiday lighting services?

Our holiday lighting services come with a light lease program. This means we will install the lights, take them down, and store them, so you don't have to worry about looking for space in your basement. Once you schedule our service, you only need to tell our experienced crew what design or theme you have in mind. We will take it from there!

You can rest easy since our holiday lighting installation service will handle every essential task, like ensuring the timers are working perfectly. We will also design and plan where to put up the lights to ensure the best features of your property are highlighted well.

Our team will return to your property within 24 hours to fix any lighting issue that arises.

We use commercial-grade lighting for your property.

At Lawn Works, our holiday lighting services use commercial-grade lighting. While the durable cords of a commercial-grade lighting system may paint a picture of unsightly thick cords, you need not worry because we make sure to hide all light cords. Here are some more reasons why commercial-grade lighting is better for your holiday lighting needs:

  • The lights are made to create good consistency and vibrancy of colors.
  • The cords are made of durable materials to withstand weather conditions like wind and rain better.
  • Most commercial-grade lighting has weatherproof sockets to prevent moisture and water from entering the cords.
  • Commercial-grade lighting allows you to customize the length of lights.

Gallery of Our Holiday Lighting

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The holiday season won't be complete without the shining bright lights on your property. Let us install them for you! Our team at Lawn Works offers holiday lighting installation services to homes and businesses in Louisville, Jeffersonville, New Albany, and nearby Indiana communities Our high-quality lighting and expert design and installation will surely make you feel the warmth of the holiday season. Call our team today at (812) 590-8864 to schedule our holiday lighting services!

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