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A pile of freshly aerated cores on a property in Prospect, KY.

Core Aeration Service in Louisville, Kentucky & Southern Indiana

Save your lawn from sparse grass and compacted soil with our core aeration services.

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We offer core aeration for properties in the Louisville, KY & Jeffersonville, IN areas.

Core aeration is the solution to compacted soil and sparse grass.

Our core aeration equipment in action on a landscape in Middletown, KY.

It can be frustrating when your lawn is having trouble growing in green and thick. The first thing that professional teams like ours will consider is if your soil is getting access to enough sunlight, water, and nutrients. Compacted soil is an extremely common issue, especially after increased summer activity. Core aeration is one of the best, natural ways to open up your soil and grow stronger, healthier grass.

Our company performs core aeration for properties that are in the Louisville, Kentucky area as well as the Jeffersonville & New Albany, Indiana areas. For the best results, we always core aerate in the fall and suggest including overseeding to take advantage of the holes that are in your soil after core aeration.

Core aeration will give the roots of your grass better access to sunlight, water, and essential nutrients.

When our team performs core aeration, we create many tiny holes throughout your lawn by pulling out 2-3 inch cores of soil with our machine. You should schedule core aeration if you notice that your grass isn't growing as thick as you would like it to. Almost all lawns can benefit from core aeration, so, when in doubt, schedule it!

Soil compaction is almost inevitable for all lawns, especially in the summer months when there are increased activities like outdoor games and weekly lawn mowing. When your soil gets pushed down and compacted, it makes it extremely difficult for water, sunlight, and essential nutrients to find their way to the roots of your grass. In turn, your grass doesn't get what it needs to grow as thick and strong as possible.

The holes that we create with our aeration machine will loosen up your soil and provide direct access to the roots of your grass. The results of increased airflow and nutrients in your soil will surprise you!

Why should you schedule core aeration services in the fall?

At Lawn Works, we only offer core aeration in the fall season. Our area is full of cool-season grass types, meaning that our lawns are strongest in the spring and the fall. However, your grass is just coming out of winter dormancy in the spring. The last thing that we want to do is put any extra stress on your grass while it is gearing up for the growing season. Come fall time, your grass is at its strongest point and can easily handle core aeration.

We recommend scheduling core aeration annually after each summer season.

The best opportunity for overseeding is just after core aeration services are completed. Here's why.

A freshly aerated lawn in St. Matthews, KY.

Because of the holes in your soil after core aeration, this is the best opportunity to give your lawn an extra boost with our overseeding service. If you have a patchy lawn, you will want to take advantage of the core aeration and overseeding duo. We will spread extra grass seeds throughout your lawn, focusing on the bare areas. These seeds will fall into the holes in your soil, gaining direct access to the exact spot they need to be to successfully germinate. With the extra sunlight, water, and essential nutrients coming in through those holes, you'll have a thick lawn in no time.

Schedule our core aeration service to find out what award-winning lawn care is really like!

Grow your dream lawn in no time with our core aeration and overseeding services. We offer award-winning lawn care to the Louisville, KY area as well as the Jeffersonville & New Albany, IN areas. Call us today at (812) 590-8864 to receive a quote!

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