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Landscape bed weed control treatment being sprayed by professional in Jeffersontown, KY.

Landscape Bed Weed Control in Louisville, Kentucky & Southern Indiana

We can help get rid of the weeds in your landscape beds with our professional landscape bed weed control service.

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Professional Landscape Bed Weed Control for Properties in & Around Louisville, KY & Jeffersonville, IN

We use reliable methods to deal with the weeds in your landscape beds!

Filling your landscape beds with annuals and other beautiful plants each year is a great way to keep your landscape beds looking their best! However, one problem that you may face is figuring out a way to keep weeds away from your landscape beds. We offer exceptional landscape bed weed control using reliable methods like hand-pulling and spraying to deal with weeds. You can schedule this service whenever you need to so that you can keep your landscape beds free of weeds throughout the year. Our herbicides are effective against some of the most common weeds in our area, such as crabgrass, spurge, thistle, and many more.

We offer this service to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in the Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN areas. Give us a call today at (812) 590-8864 to schedule your appointment.

Our Landscape Bed Weed Control Process

A landscape professional pulling weed out of landscape bed in Louisville, KY.

Landscape beds are beautiful additions to any property as they add to the aesthetics and ambiance of a property. However, they need to be properly cared for throughout the year to keep weeds from taking over. Our landscape bed weed control service will eliminate weeds from your landscape beds.

Our landscape bed weed control process will look different than other companies. Instead of only hand-pulling or spraying the weeds, we do both! Our team will get down into your landscape beds to pluck the larger weeds out of the soil by their roots. After we have removed as many weeds as possible by hand, we will spray the remaining weeds in your soil with liquid herbicide to eliminate them from your landscape beds.

We won the Best Lawn Care Company in Southern Indiana Award in 2020!

When can you schedule this service?

Once we get the weeds out of your landscape beds, your plants won't have to worry about them for a while, but unfortunately, one visit won't be a permanent solution. You will need to schedule this maintenance regularly in order to help your landscape beds continue to thrive. You can schedule our service as many times as you would like! In the Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN areas, our soils experience a lot of weed growth throughout the spring and summer seasons. We recommend that you schedule our landscape bed weed control often so that we can keep up with this growth.

Our landscape bed weed control service can eliminate a variety of weeds.

Chickweed infestation found in landscape bed in Jeffersontown, KY.

Weeds are hideous and can make caring for your plants a tedious job. More than that, these nuisances take from the plants around them in order to sustain themselves. The problem is, there are many different types of weeds in our area that can cause problems in your soil. Luckily, our landscape bed weed control service can eliminate some of the most common weeds in our area, including:

  • Dandelions
  • Spurge
  • Thistle
  • Clover
  • Ground ivy
  • Wild violet
  • Chickweed
  • Crabgrass
  • And more!

Call us to schedule our landscape bed weed control service today!

It's never good to have weeds creeping around your plants. They will quickly grow and take over the soil if they aren't treated. Here at Lawn Works, we offer rigorous landscape bed weed control to help your plants thrive. Our service is available in and around Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, New Albany, and Sellersburg, IN areas. Give us a call today at (812) 590-8864 to schedule your appointment!

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