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Freshly installed mulch on a property in Prospect, KY.

Mulch & Rock Installation Service in Louisville, Kentucky & Southern Indiana

Our highly-rated mulch and rock installation services will protect your soil from erosion, extreme temperature changes, and other damaging effects on your yard.

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Installation of Mulch & Rock for Landscapes in & Around Louisville, KY & Jeffersonville, IN

Install mulch or rock on your landscape beds to protect your plants from soil erosion, weeds, and more.

A landscape with beds topped with both mulch and rock on a property in Middletown, KY.

The last step to any good landscape bed installation includes a covering of mulch or rock. No matter the choice between the two, every landscape bed needs to be covered up to protect the plants from harmful weeds, soil erosion, and more. At Lawn Works, we offer many varieties of mulch and rock to our clients in the Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN areas. Choose which type you like best based on factors like color and maintenance levels. Our triple shredded mulch and multicolored rocks will look great on your property and will keep your plants protected from harm.

Should you choose mulch or rock?

Both options offer a lot of the same benefits, so it really comes down to which one you are most drawn to. No matter your decision, both mulch, and rock coverings will:

  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Prevent weeds
  • Insulate your soil and plant roots when the weather starts to get cold
  • Retain moisture to make sure that your soil doesn't dry out during the hot summer months

Although both choices offer a lot of the same benefits, there are slight differences between the two that might sway you towards one over the other.

Mulch and rock topped landscape beds surrounding a patio and fire pit in St. Matthews, KY.
  • Mulch - Since mulch is made out of wood or bark, there are a lot of nutrients within its contents. This also means that the natural materials will eventually start to decompose. This is a good thing! As your mulch breaks down, it releases extra nutrients into your soil that you wouldn't have otherwise had. This is a great added benefit for your plants. However, decomposed mulch also means that you will have to eventually replenish it. We recommend re-mulching once every year.
  • Rock - You will have more color choices when you use rocks to cover your soil. You can choose a natural color like beige or brown or you can get creative with blues and even multicolor options. The main difference between rocks and mulch is that rocks do not break down over time. This makes rocks the lower-maintenance option, however, you won't get the added nutrients in your soil that mulch provides.

We Offer High-Quality, Triple-Shredded Mulch

At Lawn Works, we triple-shred our mulch. This means exactly what it sounds like! We run our mulch through the shredder three separate times. The purpose of this is so that your mulch covering will look less bulky and more uniform. It will also stick together better, forming a more compact look.

We offer black, brown, and red mulch colors. The types we offer include:

  • Hardwood mulch
  • Cypress mulch
  • Cedar mulch

Get Creative With Your Rock Colors

Our rocks can be a variety of colors. You can choose to have every rock the same color or choose multicolored rocks to add a little bit of definition to your landscape bed. From white, brown, beige, grey, blue, and more, you can really get creative and decorative with your soil covering.

Popular types of rock we install include:

  • River rock
  • Lava rock

Protect Your Plants - Schedule Your Mulch & Rock Installation Today

After all of that work that you put into keeping your plants healthy, investing in mulch or rock installation should be a no-brainer! If your home or business is located in the Louisville, KY or Jeffersonville, IN areas, give our office a call today at (812) 590-8864 to schedule.

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