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Oak Park, IN Lawn & Landscaping Services

We offer our lawn and landscaping services to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Oak Park, IN.

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Professional Lawn & Landscaping Services in Oak Park, IN

We've been providing top-notch lawn and landscaping services since 2015!

Oak Park, IN, is a small city with a population of roughly 5,000 people. This city is known for its small-town charm and tight-knit community. Residents here love the rural feel that Oak Park gives them, but also appreciate being just a short drive away from all of the amenities and attractions that the big city of Louisville, KY, offers.

Our company provides professional lawn and landscaping services to residential and commercial property owners, as well as HOAs, in Oak Park, IN. We offer lawn care and maintenance services, landscaping services, winter services, and more! Give us a call at (812) 590-8864 to schedule any of our services today!

We offer a variety of lawn services to property owners in Oak Park, IN.

Mower sitting in a patterned lawn after serviced in Oak Park, IN.

We offer a variety of high-quality lawn services to property owners in Oak Park, IN, including:

  • Lawn Fertilization: Our lawn fertilization program includes multiple visits throughout the year to provide your lawn with all of the nutrients that it needs to flourish!
  • Weed Control: With our highly effective weed control treatments, weeds will have no chance in your lawn! We use pre-emergent weed control to prevent weeds from sprouting above the surface of your soil and post-emergent weed control treatments to eliminate any existing weeds.
  • Core Aeration: We can aerate your lawn to loosen compacted soil and to make it easier for resources and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.
  • Overseeding: We will spread a premium blend of tall fescue seeds across your lawn to fill in bore or patchy areas on your lawn. After we perform this service, we will apply a starter fertilizer to give the seeds a boost!
  • Dethatching: We can remove thatch on your lawn in the fall so that it isn’t blocking your grass from receiving the nutrients and other resources that it needs!
  • New Lawn Seeding: If you want to grow a new lawn from scratch, this is the service for you. We will prepare your soil and then spread seeds across it. Before long, you’ll have a beautiful, new lawn!
  • Sod Installation: We can give you a new, green lawn almost instantly via our sod installation service.
  • Lawn Mowing: Our lawn mowing service runs weekly from April through November to keep your lawn looking neat and manicured throughout the growing season.
  • Grub Control: We offer both preventative and curative grub control treatments to help protect your grass from these root-munching pests.
  • Lawn Insect Control: We offer effective treatments that target common lawn insects like chinch bugs, sod webworms, fleas, and more!
  • Lawn Disease Control: Our treatments are effective against lawn diseases like red thread, dollar spot, summer patch, and more.

Make your landscape look stunning with our landscaping services!

Professional performing trimming service in Oak Park, IN.

If you’re looking to take your landscape to the next level, you’ll want to take advantage of our landscaping services, which include:

  • Landscape Bed Weed Control: We can keep your landscape beds free of nutrient-stealing weeds, by either spraying them with an herbicide or pulling them by hand.
  • Landscape Installation & Planting: We can install landscape beds on your property, or renovate your existing beds, and then fill them with eye-catching flowers.
  • Mulch & Rock Installation: We can install a mulch or rock ground cover in your landscape beds to enhance their beauty and provide your plants with numerous benefits.
  • Trimming & Pruning: We can trim your plants to keep them looking their best, and we can prune them when needed for health purposes.
  • Spring Cleanups: Our spring cleanups include removing leaves and debris from your landscape beds, and edging them!

We offer a commercial maintenance program that includes mowing, yard cleanups, fertilization, weed control, mulch installation, and plant trimming.

Our Winter Services

Make your life easier this winter by signing up for our winter services, which include:

  • Commercial Snow Removal: When you sign up for this service, we'll remove snow from your parking lots, sidewalks, and entryways to keep your business accessible to employees and customers alike.
  • Holiday Lighting: Keep your property bright and festive during the holidays with our holiday lighting service!

Call us today to schedule any of our lawn and landscaping services!

At Lawn Works, we offer our comprehensive lawn and landscaping services to property owners in Oak Park, IN. Whether you need lawn care and maintenance, landscape installation and planting, winter services, or anything in between - we've got you covered. Call us today at (812) 590-8864 to schedule any of our services!

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