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Leaf Removal

When you peak outside of your window, do you see a backyard oasis, or do you see mounds of dead and fallen leaves? One of the frustrating parts of owning a home is keeping up will all the debris that your trees and plants throw off.

Trees, flower planters, shrubs and bushes, and many other common household plant types are notorious for shedding large amounts of leaves. Unfortunately, they usually wind up in rain gutters, swimming pools, walkways, and everywhere in between.

Leaf removal service

If you have towering piles of leaves or your yard is covered in them, we are here for you. Lawn Works is the convenient choice for leaf removal services.

Our powerful leaf vacuum makes quick work of even the tallest piles of leaves. Whether you piled them together by your curb or have given up trying to control them, call us, and we’ll take care of it all.

It’s common to become caught off guard when it comes to the autumn falling leaves schedule. It feels as if you wake up one morning and your yard stands covered in them.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always convenient to clean them all up yourself. Trying to rake them all up could take hours, and it’ll make a mess out of your hands.

Instead, we do the hard work for you with our commercial-grade leaf vacuum system. In no time at all, your leaves are sucked away, leaving behind only your best-looking lawn.

Why Leaf Removal?

Ignoring mounds of leaves is not a good idea, however. Pests, animals, and birds love to make nests with leaves, and the more supplies that are available, the more neighbors you’ll have.

And as leaves remain on the cold, wet ground, they’ll soon grow mold and mildew spores. Before long, your lawn will become covered in little mold factories!

Before your leaves wind up making a mess of your home’s outdoor areas, call the team who gets rid of them all. We recommend calling us after Halloween, Thanksgiving, and on the start of the New Year for maximum leave extraction.

Many homeowners believe that they can tackle their leaf problem themselves. However, most home rakes aren’t enough.

As leaves lie on the ground, they become too brittle for rake teeth to catch. The result is breaking them up into tinier pieces, making a bigger mess to clean!

Instead, we carefully suck them into our powerful vacuuming machine, removing them all in a matter of minutes. You’ll be amazed at how quick our process is!

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The winter holidays have enough of your time and attention. Why waste more of it on failing to clean up your yard?

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