The 4 most popular plants that we install for our customers in Louisville, KY are boxwoods, golden moss, pencil hollies, and arborvitaes. These are great plants to install because they thrive in the Louisville, KY environment. What's more, these plants are also beautiful and will make your landscape beds stand out! Continue reading to learn more about these plants and why they are so popular with our customers.

1. Boxwoods

Boxwood plant installed for landscape bed in Jeffersonville, IL.

Boxwood plants are very popular plants here in the Louisville, KY area. This evergreen shrub is identifiable by its abundance of small, full branches. Without design maintenance, the boxwood can grow 15 to 20 feet when mature. Boxwoods are resilient plants that can adapt to different environmental conditions but like well-drained and shallow soil the best.

Since boxwood plants have an abundance of thick textured leaves, they can be formed into different shapes and sizes that fit the aesthetic of your property. Geometrically shaped boxwoods create a modern design for your landscape beds.

2. Golden Moss

Golden moss is a low-lying evergreen that has textured leaves. This plant grows by extending its branches out across the ground. These plants grow about two inches tall and its bright golden flowers bloom in the early summer. These plants will also add to the aesthetics of your landscape beds and their fine texture contrasts lawns well and provides a clean backdrop for other ornamental plants in your landscape beds. Golden moss can be used as ornamental edging for a natural separation between landscape beds and the rest of a lawn.

Golden moss plants are very resilient and can tolerate high heat and humidity!

3. Pencil Holly

The pencil holly is an appropriate title for this sky-climbing evergreen shrub. The pencil holly grows long vertical branches very close together, imitating the appearance of a tall, thin pencil. Since the branches grow so slowly and closely together, the pencil holly does not require much trimming maintenance. However, it does have specific sunlight and soil needs. These plants grow best between full sun and partial shade but will not grow in soil that is too dry. During the winter, make sure the pencil holly is protected from wind and cold by refreshing or installing mulch around the base of the plant.

Since the pencil holly does not expand horizontally, it fits perfectly in containers! Place a pencil holly near columns and doors to accentuate the height of buildings and hardscapes on your property. Add a pencil holly as an accent plant to your landscape beds for a more formal garden aesthetic.

4. Arborvitae

The arborvitae is an evergreen tree with soft-textured fernlike branches. This type of plant grows into a natural pyramid shape with thick medium to dark green leaves. Full-sized arborvitaes have the potential to grow up to forty feet tall but come in dwarf varieties as well.

This plant thrives in specific environmental conditions that many Louisville, KY properties already have. The arborvitae grows the best in moist but well-drained soil and needs full sun or partial shade to thrive. This plant is so popular because it has so many uses. Arborvitaes can act as a windbreaker and a privacy wall when placed in rows near the border of your property. They are also great accent plants in landscape beds. The dwarf variety of the arborvitae is a beautiful plant to include in rock gardens.

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