If your lawn is sparse, drab, brown, and looking like it is struggling to survive, don't give up hope yet! There are 3 lawn care services that will help bring your lawn back from the dead: dethatching, core aeration, and overseeding.

These services should be performed annually to keep your lawn lush and healthy. Dethatching and core aeration work to increase the movement of water, sunlight, and nutrients throughout your soil while overseeding is meant to fill in those stubborn, patchy areas on your lawn that seem to be refusing to grow. Continue reading to learn about these services and how they will help bring your lawn back to life!

1. Dethatching

Picture of a lawn after being dethatched

Thatch is a tightly bound layer under your turf that consists of living and dead organisms, leaves, stems, and roots. It's natural for this organic debris to accumulate over time, but too much can cause issues. This is why it is so important to schedule yearly dethatching services. Dethatching should be performed in the fall and can be very beneficial in preventing thatch-related lawn issues.

In the dethatching process, a machine with rake-like blades is used to pull up excess layers of thatch in your lawn. This can improve nutrient flow to your turf so that your grass can become more resilient to fight diseases, browning turf, and insect infestations.

2. Core Aeration

Picture of a lawn being core aerated

An unhealthy-looking lawn can sometimes be the result of tightly compacted soil. If your soil is too packed together, it can affect the flow of essential nutrients and sunlight from adequately reaching the roots of your grass. Aeration presents a very effective way to improve the quality of your lawn by loosening up compact soil. This service can act as the reset button that your lawn desperately needs.

During the aeration process, an aerator machine is used to pull up small cores of soil throughout your lawn. The holes that are left behind will provide the space for water, sunlight, and essential nutrients to have access to the roots of your grass. We recommend that you schedule core aeration in the fall for the best results.

3. Overseeding

Picture of a person holding seeds used for overseeding

If your lawn has patchy areas that refuse to grow no matter how adequately you water or fertilize them, overseeding will help. This service will aid your lawn in growing thicker, healthier grass resulting in a lush lawn that your neighbors are jealous of!

The overseeding process involves scattering new grass seed on top of your lawn, focusing especially on those stubborn, patchy areas. For new seedlings to germinate the most effectively, we recommend that you schedule this service on a newly aerated lawn. This way, the seeds will be able to have good seed-to-soil contact. Overseeding will improve your turf by:

  • Filling in bare spots throughout your lawn.
  • Slowing soil erosion by making your grass denser.
  • Reducing the chances of weed growth, as a lush lawn will crowd out the weeds that are attempting to grow.

Signing up for dethatching, core aeration, and overseeding services together in the fall will give your lawn the best chance for a healthy spring.

Bring your lawn back to life with dethatching, core aeration, and overseeding services. Call today to schedule!

At Lawn Works, part of our mission is to provide your lawn with the time and attention that it deserves. These services are the best way to prevent lawn issues and help your turf grow healthy and strong. We offer thorough dethatching, core aeration, and overseeding services to clients in Louisville, Prospect, Middletown, and nearby areas in Kentucky. If you're ready to bring your lawn back to life, give us a call today at (812) 590-8864 to schedule our services!