Keeping your landscape beds looking their best is an important part of maintaining the overall aesthetics of your property. Here in the Louisville, KY area, the summertime is when many people will be spending time outdoors, so you'll want your property to be looking great during this season. 4 simple ways to spruce up your landscape beds for the summer are by refreshing the mulch in your beds, pulling out any dead plants and debris, adding edging around your landscape beds, and keeping your plants trimmed and pruned.

1. Refresh the Mulch in Your Landscape Beds

Mulch replenishment service in Lyndon, KY.

Refreshing the mulch in your landscape beds is an easy way to enhance their appearance. A uniform ground cover like mulch adds a clean and professional look to your landscape beds by covering up bare soil and making the plants in your beds stand out. Mulch comes in colors like red, brown, and black so you can choose an option that meets your aesthetic preferences.

In addition to adding beauty to your landscape beds, mulch also provides additional benefits such as weed control, preventing soil erosion, and regulating soil temperature. However, because mulch breaks down over time, it will need to be replenished on a yearly basis in order to maximize its aesthetic appeal and health benefits.

As mulch breaks down, it will release nutrients back into your soil!

2. Pull Out Dead Plants and Debris from Your Landscape Beds

Gloved professional pulling plant from landscape bed in Middletown, KY.

Another way to spruce up your landscape beds this summer is by pulling out any dead plants and removing debris from them. Dead plants detract from the beauty of the other plants in your landscape beds that you want to stand out. They can also crowd your soil and limit the growth potential of the rest of your plants. Debris, like twigs and leaves, also clutter your landscape beds and leave a messy appearance. By removing dead plants and debris from your landscape beds, you'll be able to increase their health and curb appeal.

3. Edge Around Your Landscape Beds

Edged landscape bed with brick in Jeffersonville, IN.

Adding edging around your landscape beds is another way to enhance their appearance. By putting rocks, bricks, or other materials along the border of your landscape beds, you create a clear line between your landscape beds and the rest of your property. This helps prevent grass and weeds that are in your yard from making their way into your beds and highlights your landscape beds as unique features in your space.

4. Trim & Prune Your Plants

Professional pruning branch of shrub in landscape bed in Jeffersontown, KY.

A great way to keep your plants healthy and thriving during the summer is by trimming and pruning them. Trimming is an aesthetic service used to keep your plants' appearance professional and tidy. By trimming your plants, you'll increase the curb appeal of your landscape beds.

Pruning your plants is a great way to keep them healthy. This service involves removing dead and diseased branches from your plants so they can't spread to the rest of the plant. It's important to note that pruning a plant is an invasive process that could be detrimental to the health of the plant if it's done incorrectly or at the wrong time. To make sure you don't harm your plants, you should always hire a professional to prune them.

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