If you want your landscape beds to look their best throughout the year, you'll want to keep them free of weeds. Unfortunately, weeds are common in Kentucky and Indiana. While they may seem harmless at first glance, you'll want to get rid of them right away! Weeds will steal nutrients from your plants that they need to grow healthy and beautiful. They can also make your landscape beds look messy and unkempt, which can affect your property's curb appeal. What's more, weeds can easily spread out onto your lawn and compete with your grass for nutrients when left to their own devices for too long.

1. Weeds can steal nutrients and other resources from the plants in your landscape beds.

Crabgrass growing through rocks in a landscape bed by a home in Clarksville, IN.

Your landscape beds house beautiful plants and flowers that elevate the curb appeal of your property. These plants need nutrients to be healthy and flourish, but weeds can prevent that from happening. When your landscape beds are filled with invasive weeds, they will steal precious nutrients and other resources for themselves! As a result, your plants can become weak and vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Even if you try to fertilize your plants, any weeds present will continue to steal that nourishment and only grow stronger and more problematic. Because of this, you'll want to remove them from your landscape beds as soon as possible so you can ensure that your plants are in their best shape!

Post-emergent weed control treatments and hand-pulling are effective methods to eliminate weeds from your landscape beds.

2. Weeds drag down the beauty of your landscape beds.

Your landscape beds are beautiful focal points, from their shape to the flowers and colors, enhancing your property's curb appeal. However, weeds can disrupt their aesthetic! These unwanted plants don't fit the look you envisioned for your landscape beds, and they'll only drag down the beauty of your yard. So, you'll want to keep weeds out of your landscape beds so they don't look messy and poorly maintained!

3. Weeds can spread out onto your lawn from your landscape beds.

Our weed control professional spraying weeds on a property in Middletown, KY.

Weeds are persistent and relentless plants that will take over any space they can get on your property. If they are wreaking havoc in your landscape beds, they can easily spread out onto your lawn. When this happens, you're in for even more work. Like what they did to your landscape beds, weeds will also steal nutrients from your grass and leave it susceptible to stressors like diseases and pests. They'll also bring down your lawn's pristine appearance and your property's curb appeal!

When you let weeds go rampant on both your landscape beds and lawn, you'll find yourself spending more time and money removing them. It's best to keep your landscape beds free of weeds so you can save yourself the effort of tackling a widespread weed infestation that has gotten out of control.

Don't let weeds take over your landscape beds. Call us today to enroll in our landscape bed weed control service!

Our team at Lawn Works offers a landscape bed weed control service to help ensure that weeds don't take over your prized landscape beds. This service involves hand-pulling weeds and spraying them with liquid herbicide treatments to effectively get rid of them. You can schedule this service as many times as you need so you can rest assured that your landscape beds are free of weeds throughout the growing season.

We offer our landscape bed weed control service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Louisville, KY, Jeffersonville, New Albany, Sellersburg, IN, and other nearby areas. Call us today at (812) 590-8864 to enroll in our landscape bed weed control service!