Caring for Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are essential elements in your landscape, adding structure, texture, and color as well as establishing focal points.
Trees and shrubs can be bare-root, balled-and-burlapped, or container-grown. All of them will work well in a landscape, but each has different requirements.

Use these tips to ensure the trees and shrubs in your landscape stay healthy and beautiful:

Pruning: No matter what trees and shrubs you’re growing, it’s a good idea to prune out any dead or diseased branches. This helps the plant look better and can prevent the disease from spreading.

You should prune out any wayward stems that block pathways, driveways, or grow into the side of a house or other structures.
Also remove branches that cross and rub against one another; as the bark gets rubbed off, it makes the tree more susceptible to disease.

Watering: Once established, most trees and shrubs don’t need much watering except during periods of extended drought. The plants’ root systems are good at finding moisture, which is why the ground is often so dry around a tree.

Feeding: Many trees and shrubs don’t need supplemental nutrients from fertilizer to stay healthy. But in areas with poor soil, or in subdivisions where nutrient-rich topsoil has been removed, fertilizing can be helpful to plants.

Staking: You may need to stake newly planted trees, especially if you planted them as bare-root or if you have a hard time keeping them upright.
Support them only for the first year or two; remove the stakes after that so your trees and shrubs can develop a sturdy trunk and root system.

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